Shavers Philips

Philips based in the Netherlands that was founded by Gerald Philips back in 1891. They company produces a vast array of consumer electronics as well as industrial equipment including TVs, smart phones, radios, CT scanners, MRI scanners, and electric shavers. Overall, it’s an incredibly established and reputable company that many trust for electronic needs.

Philips has seen a great amount of success in the electric shaving industry with its powerful line of rotary style razors.

The Norelco line is rather large, consisting of several different electric shavers with various price points, features, and other unique qualities. We here at have put tons of these Philips razors to the test and narrowed them down to the top 5. Below we provide a list of what we believe are the 5 best Norelco shavers on the market according to shave quality, comfort, cost, and other considerations.